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Summerville Vapor Baseball!

Welcome to
Summerville Vapor Baseball

We are a FUN purpose driven community organization that strives to develop character, discipline and priorities, we just happen to do that through the great game of baseball.

This is your source for EVERYTHING Summerville Vapor!


Core Values

Coaches and parents of Vapor players provide an encouraging and constructive environment with resources that will provide areas of growth not limited to but consisting of the following:

  • Skill and Ability: Relentless effort and pursuit of actively growing on the playing field, developing fundamental skills to perform under times of both pressure and consistency.
  • Character: Identify and carefully utilize quality defining moments to sharpen ones mentality and integrity in both winning and losing.
  • Priorities: Successfully learning how to navigate the relentless effort to focus on things that truly matter.
  • Discipline: Learning how to do things we may not “like” to avoid the things we really don’t "want."

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Each and every player will commit themselves to fully embracing the importance and role of their scholastic responsibility to not only meet but exceed a standard of excellence in the classroom.


All persons associated with team Vapor will uphold an outstanding reputation and involvement in their local community. Vapor will consistently and actively seek to partner with local community organizations to help provide and maintain a standard of excellence in serving our community in various ways!

The Season is Coming

The Season is Coming

avatarWow! 2016 for Summerville Vapor can be summarized in one word AWESOMENESS!!!

We are so very excited for the growth that we have seen as an organization and were actually able to expand to two teams featuring a 10-year-old squad and a 9 year-old squad. We are so privileged and thankful for the wonderful support we have received from all our sponsors, parents, players and family!

As we rapidly embark on 2017 we are excited about the future more so than ever. Vapor has become a staple in our community and will continue to do so and be a nice bright neon light out there on the baseball field!

If you'd be kind to please have a look at our new website check out our new promotional swag wear and most importantly keep up with our schedule and activities calendar so that you can participate in one or all! We truly look forward to seeing you out there !

The best is yet to come...

Latest News

2016 Fall Tryouts For Vapor!

The official tryout has been announced for the Fall Season. Any and all players that desire to obtain roster postion on the Fall Team must be present.  

Parents should expect the following:

* 1-1/2 - 2 hours depending on turnout, please show up early if possible to allow time for stretch and warmup 

* Players will be tested and evaluated with traditional and non-traditional baseball activities.

* Scoring will be measured on hitting, fielding, running, throwing and catching drills. All coaches of Summerville Vapor will participate in the scoring system of the evaluation.